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This Agreement made and executed by and between the RENTER and Bohol FBC Car Rental.

Bohol FBC Car Rental hereby rents to the RENTER the vehicle more particularly described on the 1st page hereof.

Subject to all the terms and conditions contained herein and in consideration thereof, the RENTER acknowledges and agrees to the following:
  1. TERMS OF PAYMENT - Cash only.
  2. RENTAL HOURS - A day's rental is equivalent to 24 hours. Excess hours shall be charged at 1/6 of daily rate. If rental covers 6 hours or more (up to 24 hours) the daily rate shall be applied. Weekly or monthly rentals cut-off is 12:00 midnight. For weekly or long period rentals, every endeavour will be made to retain same car and chauffeur. During such period Bohol FBC Car Rental reserved the right to substitute any other similar category car and chauffeur according to the exigencies of the services (e.g. Car due for check-up shall be recalled and replaced by any available unit).
  3. Gasoline, Parking Fees and Toll Fees (if applicable) are for RENTER's account.
  4. RENTER shall be liable to pay interest at the rate of twenty four percent (24%) per anum in case of delay in payment of rental fee within the period provided. Immediately upon return of the vehicle. Should the matter be referred to a lawyer, it is agreed that the RENTER shall pay attorney's fees at the rate of 25% of the amouunt due but in case shall it be less that P5,000.00, in addition to the cost of suit.
  5. RENTER hereby consents that in case of suit arising out of or in connection with the agreement, the venue is agreed to be at Tagbilaran City, Bohol.
  6. That said vehicle shall not be operated in the following cases to with:
    • To travel to the mountain trail and other areas where roads are impassable for cars or van and to ferry the rented vehicle out of Bohol province.
    • High speed or negligent driving that provokes vehicular accident, damage or breakdown.
    • To carry passengers or property or other forms of personal belongings or goods for a consideration.
    • Carrying items with foul smell or that can stain the interior of the vehicle.
    • By any person who has pending case or charge otherwise convicted of a crime against the public property or to carry persons with dubious character.
    • To propel or tow any other vehicles, trailer or other heavy things with or without wheels.
    • By any person who is or have symptom or previous record of mental illness, or by any person who is under the influence of liquor and drugs.
    • To transport goods in violation of customs rules and regulations or in any other manner deemed illegal.
    • By any person other than the RENTER or declared driver in this agreement, unless Bohol FBC Car Rental permission is first obtained in writing. It is understood that in the absence of a written consent from the Bohol FBC Car Rental the RENTER is ipso facto deemed to have violated this agreement.
    • A person who is less than 23 years of age, whether he or she has a driver's license or not.
  7. The liability of Bohol FBC Car Rental for any kind of damage arising from accidents, loss of life and property actual moral and exemplary damages over and above the specified insurance coverage shall be limited only to the amount of Bodily injury maximum of P100,000.00 and Property Damage maximum of P100,000.00.
  8. COLLISION DAMAGE - In case of vehicular accident the RENTER should notify Bohol FBC Car Rental immediately for instructions. The RENTER is responsible for the first P20,000.00 damage to the Bohol FBC Car Rental vehicle but this liability may be waived by payment of Participation Fee. The RENTER will be liable, however, for the full cost of damage and vehicle downtime if the car is driven in violation of the RENTAL AGREEMENT or for failure to submit a police report and a photocopy of the driver's license and passport during the accident.
  9. PERSONAL ACCIDENT - The insurance carried by all Bohol FBC Car Rental vehicles covers the driver's liability for injury to others and provides coverage up to P50,000.00 for every passenger up to the maximum capacity of the rented vehicle.
  10. FOR SELF-DRIVE RENTAL - RENTER shall be liable forn the renter's particicpation fee of the vehicle and towing fee in case of involvement in a vehicular accident.
  11. EXTENSION OF RENTAL - Should RENTER wish to extend rental beyond the previously agreed return date and time, the RENTER should immediately advise Bohol FBC Car Rental. Failures to abide by the extension procedure by mean that the customer is violating this rental agreement.
  12. The Bohol FBC Car Rental while taking all precautions and using its best effort to prevent such happening, shall not be laible for mechanical failure of said vehicle or consequential damages. The RENTER shall not make any claim for damages against Bohol FBC Car Rental for the delay through breakdown or accident and that the RENTER shall not authorize anybody to repair and/or to change any part of the car without the prior knowledge and written approval of Bohol FBC Car Rental. The RENTER shall pay for the damages to the car resulting from his/her negligence.
  13. In case of vehicle accident or damage caused by any fortuitous event where the RENTER is not at fault or in any way negligent, the RENTER is bound to shoulder only the participation fee of the vehicle whichever is higher otherwise covered by an insurance policy, and if the cost of repair, damage and consequential liabilities are covered by and recoverable from an insurance cover. It is immaterial as to whose fault or negligence the damage's was caused. Otherwise, the RENTER shall be liable for the whole amount if he/she is at fault or negligent in driving the car.
  14. In case of trips outside Bohol Province, the RENTER binds himself to advice Bohol FBC Car Rental in writing of his/her intensions thereabout,failing the RENTER shall be responsible for all cost of fixing any engine and mechanical trouble happening along its route. In all cases, vehicle should be driven by an authorize driver, or else, the RENTER is in breach.
  15. The RENTER hereby releases Bohol FBC Car Rental of and from any liability for loss or damage to any property left, stored or transported by the RENTER or any other person in or upon vehicle before or during the term of this rental or after return of vehicle to Bohol FBC Car Rental. The RENTER further agrees to hold Bohol FBC Car Rental harmless form and to defend and indemnify Bohol FBC Car Rental against all claims and costs based upon or arising out to such loss or damage.
  16. That the parties herein agree to adopt all the stipulations, terms and conditions appearing on the 1st page of this AGREEMENT as an integral part hereof.

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Pay Cash upon delivery of unit.

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