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The Company hereby rents to the renter the vehicle described hereof, subject to all the terms and conditions herein and in consideration thereof, the renter acknowledge and agrees.
  • To pay in accordance with stipulation and computations;
  • That on rentals on monthly basis, the Company reserves the right to inspect the vehicle at any time require the renter to present the vehicle to the officer of the company upon thereof;
  • The failure to the renter to pay the obligation after the expiration of this agreement shall make them him liable for the payment of 16% interest per annum without need of any demand;
  • That in case the renter's obligation is referred to a lawyer, 10% of such shall be used as Attorney's fees provided that in case of suits arising out from this agreement venue of which is Manila and its hereby agreed that Attorney's fees shall be paid at the rate 25% the amount due but in case shall be less than P100.00
  • Failure to pay the rental of the motor on agreed data the lessor has the right to pull out the vehicle at any time and place hereof.
  • That Said vehicle should not be operated in the following cases:
    1. To carry passengers or property for a consideration express or implied;
    2. By any person who has given the company a fictitious name or false age of address;
    3. To properl or tow vehicle or trailer;
    4. In motor sports events;
    5. To transport goods in violation of customs regulation or in any other illegal manner;
    6. By any person under influence of liquor/alcohol or drugs and further that the vehicle will be operated only the renter or by a duly qualified license driver. 20 years of age or older, and provide Company's first be obtain in writing, if the vehicle should be used.
Liability for Loss Accident
  • That in case of damage to the vehicle due to accident, the first P6, 000.00 costs of repairs shall be the Renters liabilities. All repairs due to the abusive use shall be for the account of the renter. Any loss of the car's accessories, tools, tires, will be charged to the Renter. The Company is not obliged to undertake satisfaction of any claim by Renter or its passenger outside insurance coverage. Any accident should be immediately reported by the Renter to the Company. For total loss of vehicle 40% of the value of the car shall be imposed as to the charges for the car devaluation against insurance claim.
Release and Return
  • That the Renter received the vehicle in good order and condition and shall be returned on substantially the same condition it was delivered except for the normal wear and tear;
  • That the renter will return the said vehicle together with the original tires, tools, accessories and equipment to the Company's office address or as otherwise or sooner, upon the demand of the Company.
  • Upon violation of any condition of this contract, Company may demand return of the vehicle.
  • That the vehicle should remain the property of the Company in case by default of the renter on any of the terms, the Company reserves the right to immediate repossession of the vehicle and all the expenses will be borne by the renter, the company has the aback right to pull out the rented vehicle at any time and place in case the renter failed to renew the contract and failed to pay the obligations.
  • Company or its duly authorized representative may inspect the vehicle anytime during business hours.
  • Vehicles which include tires, tools, equipments, accessories and vehicle documents do not belong to LESSEE. It is delivered to LESSEE for rental purposes only and is in good operating condition. THYERE IS NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE OF ANY VEHICLE COVERED BY THIS AGREEMENT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire you?

Well-maintained and constantly upgraded fleet of vehicles to ensure safety, comfort and convenience.

How can I hire you?

Send your inquiries thru

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or Message us at our FB Page: Bohol Selfdrive Car Rental

How can I pay you?

Pay Cash upon delivery of unit.

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  • Self Drive Car Rental
  • Bridal Car
  • Bohol Package Tour
  • Bohol Countryside Tour
  • Island Hopping Tour
  • Hotel Transfers

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